Cast & Crew


Ho Bau-Loong

            Our group leader.  A 70-something retired LSU professor of EE, and a native Chinese.  Ho has done a great job, always making sure things ran smoothly, and never complaining about his workload.  He is one of the nicest men I know.  He is also extremely fit for his age.  He would often storm a mountain faster than those decades younger.



John Hu

            Our translator.  A retired chemical engineer, Ph.D.  John is in his mid to late 60ís.  John is always a funny guy, constantly goofing off and joking around (sometimes in inappropriate situations).  He taught me some stuff about China and the Chinese language that you canít learn in textbooks (the phrase 吃喝嫖賭, for example).  He is always ready for a beer.  When he gets pissed, boy does he get pissed!



Nadine Carter Russell

            Paper-pusher, financial aid.  Nadine was always cheerful and kept me smiling.  She left us halfway through the trip.  I missed her.

            An old ankle injury kept her a bit slower than the rest of us, especially on stairs.

            Art historian by training, but wealthy from family money.



Yu Liping

            My wonderful Chinese teacher.  30-something years old.  A native of Beijing, Mrs. Yu helped ignite my interest in China and the Chinese language.  She was always fun to have around, except when she was busy mothering Marta.



Marta Wong

            Yu Lipingís daughter.  She turned 11 on this trip.  I imagine she is much like any 11 year-old.  Very talkative.  I think she will be very beautiful in a few years.



Rikki Scollard

            Art historian teacher at LSU, Ph.D.  She was one of our leaders and she helped plan out this trip.  She speaks pretty proficient Chinese, though she has no tones.  She has many interesting stories to tell.



Winston (Win) Scollard

            Rikkiís son.  He was a quiet guy, but very nice.  Also really skinny.  He left us, or rather we left him, in Xiían.  He is staying there for a year to study art at the Xiían Institute of Fine Arts, and with Wan Ding.



Malia Krolak

           Art historian student.  She was usually a cheerful person, despite having been made fun of by Chinese at times because of her weight.



Emily Huntington

            Emily was one of the artists.  She and I had a few disagreements in the beginning and I really didnít like her for a while, but we got over it.  It was just messing around, really.



Erica Kott

            Artist.  Most peopleís first impressions of Erica, including mine, were not too good.  She is a loner.  But if you talk to her a while, youíll see that sheís a really nice and interesting person.



Derek Bell

            Photographer working on a masterís degree.  He brought with him a $3000 camera and 100 rolls of 120 mm black & white film, 100 speed, 15 shots per roll.  He certainly knew his stuff.  He has traveled to other countries (Europe), too.

            On the other hand, heís an asshole.  He always tried to put himself in charge, even though heís only 23 years old and doesnít know any Chinese.  He doesnít treat people very well, either.



Lee Angela Moore (Meng Ai-Li)

            19 year-old language student.  She wants a Ph.D. in economics.  She is a very forward-looking person, too much so in my opinion.  She also loves school, and is very liberal politically.  Argh!

            Like me, she has a Taiwanese mom and an American dad.



Nancy Von Brock

            Artist, teacher.  She was a nice person to hang around with and talk to.  I always enjoyed her company.



Geoffrey Plauche

            Language student, my roommate.  He turned 23 or 24 on this trip.  He is planning to study international relations for a masterís and then get a Ph.D. in political theory.  Heís big on Nietzsche.  I like him; heís an easy guy to get along with.



Lewis Coleman

            Landscape architect.  One of the most polite guys Iíve ever known.  Heís 32 years old and just about to complete his masterís degree.



Beverly Wilson

            Mother-hen of the group.  She basically took care of us.  She was in charge of  ďcountingĒ us to make sure no one got left behind anywhere.  Very nice lady.



Edward Cammann

            Our happy buddha, Ed has a big gut.  Ed is a smart and nice guy, but he seemed like to argue, and win.



Robert Osborne

            That's me.  Hopefully you have learned a bit about me by reading my log.  If you really want to know more about me, a bit more information is available here.





Wan Ding      Artist and teacher
Mr. Fan      Government agent, hosted us from Xiían through the Silk Road & back
Ni Ma Ze Ren      Tibetan artist and government guy
Liu Min      Ni Ma Ze Renís wife


Our tour guides:

ďFastĒ Eddie     (Beijing)

Li Hong            (Dunhuang)

Stephen            (Urumqi, Turpan)

Abdul               (Kashgar)

Alexandra         (Xiían)

Qiao Lan          (Chengdu)