June 30

            We flew from Chengdu to Beijing in the midday.  For the afternoon and evening, we had free time.  Most of us went to a big shopping area.  It was cool because this is a place that real Chinese go, not just tourists.  I bought a few Chinese books.  We didn’t have a group dinner, but I had an entire meal for about US$1.00.  We got to take the public bus and subway.


Beijing bus tickets

The Monkey King:
Journey to the West

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


            There seem to be a lot of white people in Beijing.  It is weird seeing the “foreign devils.”  We met some Canadians in our hotel.




July 1

1:06 AM


            This is our last night in China.  We are back in Beijing, in the Rainbow Hotel, the same hotel at which we first stayed..