June 19

10:04 PM


            Today we started by taking (another) bus ride to (another) temple, the Famen temple.  It was boring because our guide explained everything in WAY too much detail.  Iím getting sick of all these temples.


The Famen temple


            Then we went to some pottery museum.  Woo hoo.

            Geoffrey has been flirting with Alexandra.  We make fun of him for it.

            We had another big dinner, a farewell for Winston, Wan Ding, Mr. Fan, and Xiían.  We had ice in our drinks for the first time.  Lee had too much to drink and turned quite red and giggly.

            Peopleís tempers have been short lately.  We are getting tired of travelling and being away from home.

            We are spending tonight in a 4-star hotel.  Tomorrow we fly to Chengdu.



            Fluorescent lights are often used here in place of incandescents.

            The dial tone in China (on phones) is higher pitched than in the U.S.